Media-Based Attractions

For almost 25 years, Kraftwerk Living Technologies has been engaged in the technical conception and development of media-based attractions for the entertainment industry. We have a perfect understanding of the market's dynamic challenges.

Thanks to the development of high-performance projection systems providing enormous light output, it has become possible to display ultra high-resolution images in 2D and 3D to all kinds of screens. Together with the integration of state-of-the-art playback servers and sophisticated automatic alignment systems these technical capabilities enable experiences at the highest level. Spectacular applications blurring the line between reality and fiction can be implemented for any kind of demand.

Focused on providing highest quality and innovation, Kraftwerk Living Technologies is your global partner for highly sophisticated and individually tailored media-based attractions.


Dome Theaters 2D/3D, Tunnel Projections, CircuMotion Theaters
4D/5D Theaters, Waterplexx 5D
Dark Rides
Flying Theaters, Suspended Theaters
Hybrid Domes
Special, tailor-made AV solutions

To discover the boundless possibilities, please see our references or visit our YouTube channel.

Our Hybrid Dome Theater is a unique turnkey theater solution, fulfilling more than one purpose – many more to be exact. Its centerpiece is a rotating auditorium, which allows for different operating modes: EVENT OPERATIONS feature a multi-purpose stage for all kinds of events as well as DOME OPERATIONS, featuring 3D full-dome presentations as well as planetarium shows.
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4D SFX Motion Seats as well as a wide variety of special effects assure visitors getting directly immersed in the action. Since 2005, we are your expert in providing high-quality 4D theater solutions tailored to specific needs and have been the trusted partner in realizing numerous 4D theater projects all over the world that excite people each and every day.
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Thanks to a lot of unique water effects, the Waterplexx 5D theater assures an unforgettable, wet and splashy adventure. Enabling visitors to experience an exciting multi-dimensional action wearing swimwear, the Waterplexx 5D theater is the perfect attraction for waterparks that want to offer their guests a unique highlight.
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