Visualisation, Simulation and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, mainly called VR, is an essential application in the field of medicine, architecture, geology as well as for industrial and producing companies. VR is an indispensable instrument for research, product development and construction.

Many years of experience in the field of AV technologies and state-of-the-art system integration enable us to provide professional solutions for industry and science. From cost-efficient presentation systems, HD screens in 2D and 3D to the ultimate level of visualising technologies: the complete immersion. Using multiple projection systems we create virtual spaces enabling life sized depiction of the product with all it's details.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies develops customised solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

HD screens and walls in 2D and 3D

Immersive studios

Visualisation and simulation facilities

Conference and Presentation

Kraftwerk Living Technologies provides professional AV solutions for conference, presentation and lecture rooms implementing intelligent controlled presentation, communication and conference technologies.

Digital Signage

Modern and innovative digital signage solutions offer many professional opportunities for communication and information. Kraftwerk Living Technologies provides smart media systems including state-of-the-art screens and high-end video servers.

Show rooms and Brandlands

Kraftwerk Living Technologies implements most modern AV technology like projection, interactivity, lighting and colour effects in order to stage brands, products and company philosophies in individual show rooms and fascinating brandlands.

To learn more about the boundless possibilities please see our references.