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Since 2008, we have been supporting customers from various industries − higher education, research and automotive − with state-of-the-art LED display solutions as well as VR/AR systems perfectly tailored to their individual needs and expectations. From design-centred, ultra-high-resolution indoor systems to mobility-focused VR/AR solutions and VR caves − our know-how and experience in the field makes what was once impossible, possible.



From the most demanding presentations to reviewing minute design details on a screen requires the highest resolutions and pristine picture quality to achieve the best possible results. Our LED display solutions are designed to meet this demand and ensure the highest picture quality over time. Small pixel pitches from 0.9 to 2.5 mm, paired with high-contrast ratio and true-color reproduction provide the basis for indoor applications that require razor-sharp and seamless images.

A featured highlight is the high-end 3D functionality of our LED display systems, presenting captivating and realistic content that is optimally suitable for design and visualization purposes.

Whether the LED display systems are curved, divisible, moving, lifting or rotating, their creativity is limitless. With our knowledge and long-standing experience, we will help you create a successful solution, regardless of its size, shape, location or application.

Applications for our high-end solutions include, but are not limited to, design environments, presentation and visualization studios, flagship stores, museums, exhibitions & trade shows, LED display art and many more. For high-quality LED display solutions tailored to your specific needs, Kraftwerk Living Technologies is your go-to expert!

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From executive meeting rooms and boardrooms to design studios, cave systems and cinema applications − tailor-made rear-projection systems are often a good alternative to LED displays. Because they provide crystal clear images and color reproduction, projection-based solutions allow our clients to focus on their work rather than having to worry about the picture, color quality or correct color reproduction. This is especially crucial for decision-making processes in design stages. Our portfolio ranges from super silent DLP projectors to DCI-compliant lamp‑based projectors and state-of-the-art laser projectors − guaranteeing the best possible outcome for your individual application.

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VR/AR applications are focused on enhancing and improving workflows throughout design processes, long distance collaborations, decision-finding meetings and much more. Often, such applications require a lot of hardware as well as a dedicated room or area to house this needed equipment, making them inflexible and complex. Understanding the need for handier solutions, our in-house experts developed a fully mobile solution for VR/AR applications. This innovative and compact VR/AR solution is everything you need in an easily manageable, mobile flight case. The system is your most reliable partner for mobile high‑performance computing, with applications ranging from trade shows and qualitative market research studies to an ad-hoc method to incorporate VR/AR capabilities into meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Main Characteristics

  • Light-weight, compact and fully mobile VR/AR solution to avoid handling additional IT equipment
  • Fully equipped flight case including a high-performance server, cabling, HMDs etc.
  • Mobile high-performance computing (HPC)
  • High frame rates and resolutions for razor-sharp images
  • Built-in thermal and acoustic management through liquid cooling
  • Support for different supply voltage to enable worldwide usage
  • Additional space for further components
  • A range of options to tailor the VR/AR case to your needs
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VR Design Studios enable the user to simulate the real world as accurately and technically as possible. These highly sophisticated technological solutions find their application in various fields including Research & Development, the automotive sector and any area where design processes are crucial.

The AV systems applied for such a studio vary depending on how they are used. They can be entirely LED-based, be a mix of LED and projection technology or act in addition to the use of VR glasses.

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