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CircuMotion® is a large format dome theater with a motion-base that allows guests to experience the virtual world in an omni-view environment. The motion base is capable of four degrees of freedom while displaying immersive 360°/3D content for an audience of up to 100 guests per show. Not constrained by traditional theater arrangements, CircuMotion® has the ability to fully immerse guests into media-based adventures. There is no front or hierarchy of seats – everyone has the best view.

The CircuMotion® theater solution delivers a broad range of synchronicity between motion and media content. Cutting-edge technologies, hidden by the integrated design, ensure this synchronicity and bring guests closer than ever to the action. The technological highlights are: the use of omni-directional 3D media, which extends from the media screen and appears to float through the theater space, a one push button multi-projector auto-alignment system, electrically actuated projector eyelids, a circular motion base with 4 DOF movement – pitch, roll, heave and sway – driven by an electrical drive system with passive hydraulic support and multi-channel circular audio zoning that takes the term “surround sound” to a whole new level.

Check out “Hulk – Epsilon Base 3D”, the first CircuMotion attraction at IMG Worlds of Adventure:

The custom screen forms a hemisphere and is customizable according to the size of the attraction. This screen format results in 360° horizontal and beyond 180° vertical fields of view in passive 3D-stereo. Synchronized lighting effects round off the experience of high impact multi-channel surround sound and the omni-view 360° 3D, performed using a multiple-projector system.

A significant difference between CircuMotion® and other theaters and 3D/4D simulator solutions is the circular arrangement of the seats on the motion platform, which makes the “omniview” possible. Every single guest is truly surrounded by sound and image – eliminating all restrictions. The attraction is supplied in cooperation with Falcon’s Treehouse, for attraction design and content and Kraftwerk Living Technologies for the attraction’s AV system and screen.