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Ever dreamed of flying through the skies? Seeing the world through the eyes of a bird or chasing through the skyscrapers of a city in a Batmobile? With a flying theater all of this becomes possible, thanks to an innovative attraction concept that gives guests an experience in a unique arial adventure.

A flying theater is a highly immersive attraction, in which the visitors are positioned by means of a complex mechanism in an inverted dome which is illuminated with a special projection system. With new projection technology in combination with an extended 6-axis motion unit, the actual feeling of flying can be simulated with natural realism.

The key elements of this attraction type are a ride system with a wide variety of possible seating configurations, several integrated special effects such as wind and water, a concave half-dome screen, a sophisticated projection system as well as state-of-the-art audio. If all of these elements are perfectly synchronized in one unique system, then an unparalleled soaring adventure can be ensured without any motion sickness.

Thanks to our work with several ride manufacturers, we have become the number one AV and screen provider for flying theaters, having completed more than 15 projects in the past five years alone.

Browse this selection of Flying Theaters we have contributed to all over the world:

Flying Over Indonesia

FlyOver Iceland

Beautiful Hunan

Flight Over Russia


Krrish Hero’s Flight

Batman Dark Flight

Hubei in the Air