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In addition to our customized media technology solutions for Flying Theaters, 4D Theaters, Dome Attractions and Dark Rides, we are now able to offer you our latest technical turnkey concepts.

You are interested in a turnkey hardware solution? We will be happy to implement the technical components of our Transforming Theater attractions for you – and you develop your very own story around it!

Here you can find more about our Hybrid Dome Theater and soon also about our D4D Hybrid Theater solution:


An event venue, concert hall, movie theater, training center and planetarium: Imagine a venue that combines all this in one – integrating cutting-edge technology and creating an absolutely unique visitor experience that is both educational and entertaining. Kraftwerk Living Technologies Hybrid Dome Theater is a unique turnkey theater solution, with more than just one purpose – many more actually. Its centerpiece is a rotating auditorium that allows for different operating modes: pre‑show mode – featuring a multi-purpose stage for all kinds of events – and a dome-show mode – featuring 3D full-dome presentations as well as digital and analog planetarium shows.

The Hybrid Dome Theater is designed as a 200-seat theater but remains flexible in terms of size and application. There are very few limits to the creative applications it can hold.

Possible applications are, but are not limited to:

  • ENTERTAINMENT: tourist destinations, family entertainment centers
  • EDUCATION: science centers, museums, universities
  • BUSINESS: conference venue, company event location, corporate brandlands


In event operations or pre-show mode, the solution offers a spacious, high-end stage area equipped with the latest stage technology, including a lifting platform as the forestage, which is part of the rotating auditorium and extends the main stage. In addition, the event mode can use screens designed for movies (2D/3D) and presentations.


  • Pre as well as post show for combined show mode
  • Conferences and symposia
  • Podium discussions and presentations
  • Teaching presentations & lectures
  • Experimental shows
  • Seminars and training sessions
  • Musical presentations and concerts
  • Theatrical and cabaret staging
  • 2D/3D mixed reality presentations
  • Digital cinema (2D/3D)


In dome-show operations, the auditorium is rotated 180 degrees. The 2D/3D projection dome is in the center of the action, setting the stage for full-dome projections. Seats that fold back, enhance the planetarium experience even more, allowing the visitors to dive into “space”. In this mode, the forestage, which forms part of the rotating auditorium, is still available as a stage for presentations and more.


  • Digital interactive full-dome shows as visitor attraction (main show)
  • Planetarium shows for various applications
  • Regular and 3D full-dome presentations


  • 3D full-dome laser and video presentations
  • Regular presentation possible through projection on dome screen for various purposes (brand show, product launches and more)


A new attraction with a sustainable messageOur Turnkey Transforming Theater Solution

Ready for your Hybrid Dome Experience?

Find out more about this cutting‑edge multi‑purpose space...



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