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LED display technology has evolved rapidly throughout the years.
Today, almost any shapes or sizes are possible, with crystal clear images, a wide variety of potential uses and flexibility in structure. Kraftwerk Living Technologies‘ experience in providing complex and high-performance LED displays as well as its knowhow in the field of control systems, playback and signal processing, has led to an exciting new product range, the LED DOME SERIES (KV-LDS). With unmatched color intensity, brightness and contrast, acoustic transparency and a flexibility in size and shape, LED domes bring immersion to a new dimension.


  • Full-domes and full spheres at various sizes
  • Custom radii and shapes: vertically aligned, tilted or half dome
  • Certified self-supporting steel structure
  • Greater visitor and ride system positioning flexibility
  • 2.7/3.8 mm and 4.0/5.8 mm pixel pitches available
  • Ultra-high dome master resolutions of e.g. 8K x 8K for 20m / 2.7 dome and up to 12K x 12K for 30m / 2.7 dome
  • High frame rates available for crisp images even at fast motion; 120 fps-capable as an option
  • Pixel-perfect mapping and integrated server architecture for uncompressed native resolution at up to 10 bit RGB 4:4:4
  • Acoustically transparent display surface to ensure a clear, precise and linear sound experience
  • Lifetime image alignment: consistent image quality in resolution, brightness, contrast, color space and geometry
  • Reduced operational costs due to instant power up/down plus reduced allowance for start- and end-of-day procedure
  • 100% rear accessibility and modular monitoring and diagnostics

Geometry Mapping

Media display and content delivered in any custom format with optional mapping data exchange through 3D geometry files. Advantages of ideal resolution in all areas, precise control on screen mapping, pixel-perfect positioning and integration of eye-point correction in relationship to the camera position.

Color Spectrum & Contrast

  • Over 90% DCI-P3 color space / the CIE 1931
  • Standard observer graphs do not reflect the difference that one‘s eyes see. In order to appreciate the results, brightness and color in 3D needs to be compared
  • The area of gamut times the peak brightness gives the volume of colors an LED display can provide.
  • HDR infinite black ultra-high contrast ratio: very low cross reflection while maintaining high peak brightness creating a hyper-realistic experience


  • Planetariums
  • Media-based Attractions
  • Dome Theaters
  • Drive Simulators
  • Flight Simulators
  • Hybrid Dome Theaters
  • Multifunctional Spaces
  • and many more

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