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Our SFX Motion Seats round off our expertise in creating 4D Theater solutions, allowing for the highest-quality experience, featuring 3 or 4DOF precision movement as well as the most comprehensive array of integrated special effects.

Our high-end, state-of-the-art SFX Motion Seat technology sets the stage to showcase various types of content in a variety of settings − from theme parks to museums, from entertainment to education − bringing your story, your message, your brand and your art to life!


  • Generously-sized and economically designed seat with comfortable headrest providing unrivalled comfort
  • High-quality materials: low wear and tear, easy to clean, flame-resistant
  • Smooth and accurate motion as well as excellent acceleration possible through pneumatic or electric drive
  • Stable framework allows for individual and precise programming of multiple films
  • High-quality construction: quiet in operation, excellent durability
  • 24/7 performance guaranteed, no regular maintenance necessary
  • Integrated high-class special effects and 3 or 4DOF movement for an immersive experience
  • Load-independent show experience due to direct drive system
  • Built-in audio system (optional)

3DOF and 4DOF Real Analog Movement

Our unique pneumatic and electric motion seats use an analog control system to guarantee flowing, realistic motion and a broad range of programming possibilities.

Our high-quality SFX Motion Seat meets the highest standards regarding comfort and visual appearance. Featuring three or four Degrees of Freedom (3 or 4DOF), real analog movement assures that visitors get directly immersed in the action.

  • PITCH: Forward and backward
  • ROLL: Tilt side to side
  • HEAVE: Tilt up and down
  • SWAY: Move left and right

Special Effects

  • Seat vibration
  • Dual neck blast
  • Face blast
  • Poke effect
  • Dual leg tickler
  • Water spray
  • In-seat audio system (optional)
  • Multi-scent system (optional) *
  • Lighting effects *

* in theater or integrated in the SFX armrest depending on the motion seat selection

3- or 4-seater unit, standard or SFX armrest, pneumatic or electronic drive – for our clients’ special requirements, we will develop the best possible high-quality solution individually tailored to each specific application.

SFX Motion Seat
Advanced SFX Motion Seat


Our SFX Motion Seat features an ergonomic cinema armrest, several high-quality in-seat special effects such as seat vibration, dual neck blast and poke effect as well as effects integrated in the front seat or front railing including high-pressure water spray.

This version of our SFX Motion Seats underlines every film with high-class movement and various special effects and is available with pneumatic as well as electric drive.

Special Effects & Features:

  • Dual neck blast
  • Poke effect
  • Dual leg tickler
  • Seat vibration
  • Water spray (in front railing or seat)
  • In-seat audio system (optional)


Rather than having special effects mounted in the railing in front of visitors, in the ceiling or in the back of the seat, the high-class special effects are incorporated into the specifically developed SFX armrest, guaranteeing a much better guest experience.

While the pneumatic drive is your optimum solution for large theaters, the electric drive is the ideal alternative for smaller venues.

SFX in Armrest:

  • Water spray
  • Face blast
  • Wind system
  • Strobe flashlight
  • Face light
  • Floor illumination
  • Occupancy sensor
  • Multi-scent system (optional)


Whether you are looking for a basic or customized SFX Motion Seat solution or need an elevated version with footrests for an even more immersive experience, we can adapt this seat to your specifications − including even seat color, fabric and custom embroidery.

Check out some of our reference projects, featuring KLT's SFX Motion Seats:

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Check out our worldwide references

From the world’s largest 4D theater, immersive multi-media installations in the heart of New York City, through to interactive museum exhibits in the Alps – we are your specialist for high-quality audiovisual solutions.



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