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2023 | Zhuhai (CN)Bermuda Storm Theater

The Chimelong Spaceship indoor park, said to be the largest in the world and newly opened in 2023, accommodates a THEA award-winning 4D attraction that invites thrill-seekers on an epic journey – the Bermuda Storm!

Prepare to be swept away by this powerful interplay, fully immersing yourself in the exciting drama of the ship, the story, and the storm:

  • A massive 40-meter diameter and 1,682 sqm curved projection screen creates a breathtakingly realistic and immersive environment
  • The moving simulator motion platform accommodates up to 300 people
  • A huge custom-designed Spatial 41 Channel 3D Sound System that features three different types of loudspeakers: fifteen 2 x 18 inch subwoofers behind the screen, two VLFE (very low frequency elements) on the floor, as well as a large number of transducers below the platform, to generate a vibrating effect to simulate the boat ride
  • Special effects enhance the experience

KLT took on the key role in creating one large, fully integrated system for the whole media technology and media replay elements for the queue, preshow and main theater. A mock-up was even built near KLT headquarters to validate the creative and technical concept, alongside technical experts, creative heads, a motion sickness expert, and several parties involved.

With the ambitious Chimelong client team and international partners and experts such as Technifex, Yessian Music, Visual Terrain, Far Out! Creative, Mack Animation, Brogent, and many more, this breathtaking attraction, the first of its kind on such a scale, came to life!

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