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AV Modernization of Automotive R&D Center

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2011 | Munich (DE)Visualization Studio for BMW

Characteristics of new car models like design, technology, and user-friendliness can be highlighted and reviewed in the early stages of development from every angle thanks to the innovative high-end visualization studio located in BMW’s own R&D center.

To enhance this process, Kraftwerk Living Technologies was assigned with the modernization of the visulization studio by implementing standard and rear projection capabilities by means of a high-resolution 4K data projector featuring 11,000 Lumen performance as the centerpiece of the studio. For the standard projection, Kraftwerk Living Technologies installed a flexible, 6-meter wide mega-screen and for the rear projection a high‑quality 5.8 x 2.6 m screen. Consoles featuring patch panels with several ports and mobile pedestals ensure smooth and flexible handling.

The hardware used was calibrated to ensure imaculate color rendering, color fastness, contrast, color depth, and luminance, allowing for an unbelievably realistic model depiction. For the control system, Kraftwerk Living Technologies installed a digital media matrix which includes analog and digital signal control features facilitating the 5.1 audio surround system.

The project’s most demanding aspect was the tight time frame in which it had to be completed. Furthermore, the unrestricted use of the studio during the modernisation process required perfect and seamless preparation. However, thanks to Kraftwerk Living Technologies’ longterm experience, all proposed modifications were diligently performed and reopening was ensured according to the given deadline.

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