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2017 | New York (US)National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

The National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, which opened its doors to the public on October 6, 2017, is a first-in-kind immersive entertainment experience. It transports audiences on an incredible undersea journey, allowing them to interact with sea lions, play with rays and come face-to-face with life‑sized humpback whales and great white sharks – a highly immersive experience made possible through innovative thinking, extensive experience, and thinking outside the technical tool box. Together with SPE Partners, the developers of National Geographic Encounter and the project’s other creative teams, Kraftwerk Living Technologies pushed technological boundaries on the project in their role as the audiovisual designer and integrator.

This 90-minute self-guided walk-through experience is a highly original project and involves different scenes taking guests on an undersea journey from the South Pacific across the ocean to the west coast of North America. The challenging technical feats include unique multi-projector video mappings, high-resolution photo-realistic animation, custom projection screens, immersive spatial soundscapes, interactive real-time audience tracking, and a giant dome finale… just to name a few.

(c) National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

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