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3D Dome Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando

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2012 | Orlando (US)3D Dome Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando

On behalf of Falcon’s Treehouse, Kraftwerk Living Technologies technologically designed and installed an incredible, first-of-its-kind 360° 3D Dome Attraction at SeaWorld Orlando.

The projection system features 34 high-performance projectors which have a combined total of 368,800 lumens of light output – more than 15 times a typical digital movie theater projection system. Nearly a kilometer of fiber optic cable carries the video data to the projectors which are controlled by fully automated video playback devices. The most modern auto-alignment system measures the dome’s pixel-accurate geometry and adjusts the film sequences perfectly to the screen’s shape. The content is automatically saved on the media server and is transferred with time‑code and frame-exact synchronization to the individual projectors. As a result, the visitor faces a seamless projection which appears to be one single picture. The overall control system’s intelligent implementation allows for simple handling.

Furthermore, Kraftwerk Living Technologies installed an extensive sound system providing a perfect acoustic experience. The sound system at TurtleTrek includes 22 discrete audio channels that have all been mixed on-site. This allows for 3D sound and pinpoint placement of audio effects. A typical surround sound system has a 5.1 arrangement – 5 sound channels and 1 channel for low frequency effects. The sound system at TurtleTrek is 18.4 and is rated at an amazing 32,000 watts.

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