State-of-the-art 5D Theater Attraction opened at Cultural Center

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Two state-of-the-art attractions opened in China at a brand-new Cultural and Tourism Center – realized with expertise from Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

Changsha, 20 May 2019.

Back in 2016, Austrian AV system integrator Kraftwerk Living Technologies received the order for the largest contract in its 26-year company history. Now, only 30 months later, both attractions – “Beautiful Hunan”, a 72-seater Flying Theater attraction and the 800-seater “Magic Glaze” 5D Theater – are completed. Whilst the Flying Theater, for which Kraftwerk LT provided the screen and high-end AV system on behalf of CAVU Designwerks, has been opened since October 2018, the first park guests entered the theater during soft opening end of March to experience the highly immersive 5D experience.

As part of the project scope, the media-based-attractions experts from Wels were responsible for the technical design, detailed planning, supply, integration, programming and commissioning of the “Magic Glaze” theater – including all technological components such as the 3D screen, projection and audio system, SFX motion seats, show control as well as the water and compressed air system, show lighting and special effects. The attraction allows for a maximum daily guest flow of over 20,000, peaking at three 15-minute shows per hour but also features other show control modes, to optimally operate the attraction.

“What is special about this 5D Theater is the seamless integration of the cultural center’s main theme, porcelain craftsmanship, into the attraction. When entering the theater, you walk into the interior of a flaming oven – realized with scenic lighting, various projections and special effects. With this ‘flaming’ atmosphere, the stage is set for a great story and entertaining experience”, explains Manfred Meier, CEO at Kraftwerk LT. The film comes from PRANA Studios and tells an exciting, well-written tale of the main characters Xiaoxiao und Tongtong, who chase after the “Magic Glaze”, with which the evil spell over Tonguan town and everyone who lives there can be broken. Enhanced with precise motion and well-selected special effects, the experience excites young and old alike and lets the 4D theater, a theme park classic, shine in a new and very bright light.

The “Beautiful Hunan” flying theater, provided as a turnkey solution by CAVU Designwerks on the other hand, allows guests to visit the most beautiful locations in the Hunan province as part of a spectacular six-minute fly-over experience. The high-resolution visuals are paired with smooth, realistic motion and several special effects, supporting the feeling of flight. Once again, the media was produced by PRANA Studios and weaves great live action flying imagery with very active visual effects sequences.

Delivered to the Macrolink Group, a large Chinese company involved in the development of real estate properties, the two attractions are part of something spectacular. Known for its porcelain craftsmanship from the Tang Dynasty, the Tonguan Kiln International Cultural and Tourism Center portrays the 1,200-year heritage of Changsha city in Hunan Province on a total area of 1.1 million square meters, featuring eight museums, five performing centers, three luxury hotels and 18 cultural attractions. The Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town is expected to host more than five million tourists each year.

Magic Glaze | Technical Highlights

  • 3D projection surface: 1,000 m2
  • Total dome screen surface (projection + scenic): 2,214 m2
  • 2D ceiling mapping surface: 800 m2
  • 800 SFX motion seats with precise 4DOF motion and integrated special effects ranging from wind, water and smoke to vibration, poke effects and more
  • 6 x 4K Barco XDL RGB Laser Projectors
  • Scenic lighting
  • QSC audio system