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Dome Projection at City of Dreams

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2009 | Macau (CN)Dragon's Treasure

Selected by Falcon’s Treehouse – executive producer of the project – Kraftwerk Living Technologies was one of the key companies in making The Bubble entrance dome the main attraction of the entire City of Dreams Resort in Macau.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies was responsible for the complete fabrication design, planning, and installation of the dome’s inner and outer trussing structure, the projection surface, as well as the video and audio technology – including all playback servers and all show control equipment. The ellipsoid projection surface of 1,700 m2 consists of specially coated sheet metal panels. It is integrated into a complex steel structure and aluminium sub-structure with a total payload of 60 tonnes for the screen, audio, lighting and special effects. The gigantic projection surface is lit by 15 high definition Christie DLP-projectors (HD+30K). The featured film was especially developed and features a 36 megapixel resolution that requires its own unique server structure with the capacity to render and playback in real time at 60 frames per second. A newly designed calibration system with high-definition cameras allows for automatic setup which guarantees maintenance free operation. A sophisticated control system is designed to both simplify operation and have the ability to run various diagnostic functions.

The extensive and complete audio equipment was supplied by Meyer Sound (USA). It features 128 active speakers controlled and driven by the Matrix3 audio show control system. All audio tracks are archived and played back by the Wild Tracks hard drive storage system.

The attraction won a THEA Award in 2009 for Best Attraction.

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