Audio System for Music Theater

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2009 | Graz (AT)Mumuth Music Theater

Mumuth – the facility for music and music theater in Graz, Austria – was officially opened on March 1, 2009. The glass and stainless steel-clad complex belonging to the University of Fine Arts in Graz has numerous rehearsal rooms, but first of all a multi-functional hall with approximately 500 seats.

Inside the hall, Kraftwerk Living Technologies implemented one of the most modern audio systems in Austria. Through numerous pre-programmed presets, many diverse acoustical situations can be implemented. In the hall, an electronic reverberation extension system was installed the enables switching from the hall’s dry, natural acoustic – with a reverberation time of 1.2 seconds – ideally suited for speeches or e-music, to church/cathedral reverberation within 10 milliseconds.

The sound pattern remains natural because equalizers or reverberation devices are not used. The system picks up the natural reverberation with 24 hyper-sensitive microphones installed in the ceiling and plays it back into the hall through 64 loudspeakers.

In close cooperation with Meyer Sound in Berkeley, California (USA), this special audio system was successfully delivered to the University of Fine Arts and has created excitement among the professors, students, and visitors.

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