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2019 | Heilbronn (DE)experimenta Science Dome

The Science Dome of the new experimenta in Heilbronn, the largest science center in Germany, is unique in the world. The technical combination of different event scenarios and shows in one location with a rotating auditorium under a 700 m2 dome is extraordinary. The concept of a hybrid dome theater including an opto-mechanical star projector and a multitude of possible applications arose some time ago – now the project has been realized successfully.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies was responsible for the development of the concept as well as general contractor for the entire project and responsible for the implementation of the attraction. The Science Dome is a hybrid theater solution with 150 seats and a rotating auditorium as the centerpiece. There are two operating modes supported by the Science Dome: event and dome mode. In the event mode, a stage area of 170 m2 as well as a screen area is available for events such as lectures, digital cinema performances or theater and music productions. In the dome operation, however, a total projection area of 726 m2 can be used for 3D full-dome and planetarium shows. The audience is involved in the rotation and the spectacularly staged transition from stage to dome, which is a highlight of the entire show.

Technical Highlights

The 2D/3D projection dome has a total diameter of 21.5 m and is a free-hanging aluminum construction. The total area of the dome is also played in 3D by twelve 4K projection channels. This results in a resolution of 8K x 8K and razor-sharp images. The projectors are equipped with laser light sources and allow exceptional brightness and image intensity, which is above the cinema standard due to the increased color space and the HDR contrast. In addition, the Science Dome can be used as a planetarium – a Zeiss star projector is part of the Science Dome equipment and integrated in dome mode with the digital projection.

The range of projection screens is rounded off with state-of-the-art immersive 3D audio technology and a number of integrated special effects such as show laser, holographic screen, water, fog and wind, as well as spectacular lightning discharges via several Tesla coils. The stage also features state-of-the-art stage equipment and thus opens up numerous opportunities for events.

About the Experimenta
In Heilbronn, a unique world of knowledge and experience opens on an area of around 25,000 m2 with around 275 interactive exhibits, four creative studios and nine laboratories, as well as an observatory and a unique Science Dome with spectacular science shows.

Find out more about our Hybrid Dome here.


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