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SFX Motion Seats for immersive 3D visualization platform

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2019 | Lauterach (AT)Terminal V

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Hefel Wohnbau, the Vorarlberg-based company for residential construction, has completely renewed its real estate visualisation platform and now enables customers to experience their planned construction projects before the start of construction and on a scale of 1:1.

Hefel’s Terminal V is today the most modern 4-dimensional real estate visualization platform in Europe and is reminiscent of a cinema – with a concave screen, cinema seats and a 3D projection and audio system. For the project, the newly developed SFX eMotion Seats from Kraftwerk Living Technologies were used – with electric drive, 3DOF movement and numerous exciting special effects. The 3D functionality of the projection system paired with the motion of the motion seats allows guests not only to see their apartment, but also to experience it.

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