Dark Ride at OCT East Knight Valley

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2009 | Shenzhen (CN)4D Dark Ride Journey to the Center of the Earth

The theme park OCT East “Knight Valley” is located in one of the world’s biggest special economic zones – Shenzhen, China. Kraftwerk Living Technologies and its partners Falcon’s Treehouse and 3DBA created this unique attraction, the 4D Dark Ride “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by using extremely realistic animations, which give visitors the feeling of being part of the story.

The queues are long, as everybody who traveled on the more dimensional ride once wants to experience all 9 scenes, which they travel in a fully automatic rotatable vehicle, over and over again, as with every journey new installation details are going to be discovered. 18 professional projectors of Barco produce three dimensional projections. More than 60 speakers which are hidden in the scenery as well as effects like wind, fog, fire, lava flows, heat cannons, steam jets and many others create a journey close to reality. The centralized control system enables simple usage as well as various analyses of the whole attraction.

OCT Ltd., the biggest attraction park operator in China has chosen this great experience for their visitors and considers it as the main attraction of the whole OCT East “Knight Valley” Park ever since it was opened in the middle of June 2009.

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