Dark Ride at OCT Happy Valley

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2009 | Shanghai (CN)Dark Ride Traveling in the Storm

In time for Chinese New Year, fun park “OCT Happy Valley” in Shanghai opened a brand new attraction: the 4D Dark Ride “Traveling in the Storm”.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies was responsible for the planning, programming, and installation of video and lighting technology as well as special effects. In the 4D Dark Ride, visitors participate in an expedition, which explores the nature of storms. They travel in wagons equipped with different special effects, through different zones, and experience the story first hand. 13 full HD projectors for 3D rear and front projections as well as an innovative 3D panorama projection with a radian of about 17 m meet the highest standards. Kraftwerk LT created unique special effects like “Slamming Shutters” and “Gantry arm” making the attraction even more realistic. Due to the implementation and programming of further special effects like wind, fog, and vibrations “Traveling in the Storm” is among the park’s most advanced highlights.

Kraftwerk LT implemented high-quality speakers in the different scenes, which emphasize the story. Furthermore an overhead control system allowing for simple and complete control of the attraction was installed.

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