AV Technology for Flying Theater at the Europa-Park

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2017 | Rust (DE)Voletarium: Flying Theater Attraction

Europa-Park’s latest major attraction “Voletarium” allows visitors to be part of the technical achievements of the two aviation pioneers Eckbert und Kaspar Eulenstein. In chairlift-style gondolas, which are the centerpiece of Brogent’s ride system, passengers glide through the air in one of the two separate but identical theaters. Each theater has a screen measuring 21 m in diameter and a total screen size of over 400 m2, providing a crucial component in creating the flight experience. Projection onto the concave screen is made by multiple stereoscopic projectors each with 4K resolution, engineered by Kraftwerk Living Technologies for the ultimate viewing experience for every visitor. Sensational visuals from Europe’s most beautiful and fascinating metropolises and landscapes filmed and produced by Mack Media as well as effects – such as scent, wind and water – intensify the flying experience in the 16-meter-high domes. Other technical highlights are the 3D audio system with many discrete channels, the use of an uncompressed video server cluster with 120 fps uncompressed video playback as well as the integrated, camera-based alignment system. All together, they provide a very real and breathtaking feeling of flight and a truly unforgettable experience.

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