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2020 | San Diego (US)4D History Dome

The Legacy International Center in San Diego USA opened its doors to the public in March 2020. Founded by the evangelist Morris Cerullo who travelled the world extensively for his ministry, the Center seeks to allow visitors to experience faith, culture and humanity and tells its stories using a series of attractions.

Set within the Center is the state of the art 4D History Dome motion seat theater with its 17 metre Dome. Visioneering Studios turned to Kraftwerk Living Technologies to develop a complete system that not only brings to life journeys through spiritual lands and biblical stories but allows visitors to feel they are there soaring through the landscapes or witnessing the events that shaped history. Kraftwerk Living Technologies was challenged to provide a complete motion effects seats system within this theater. Two epic films were planned with “Fly Over Israel” and “Walk through the Bible” featuring the award winning Hollow Studios.

As for the technology in the theater itself, quality was held out as a prime objective by Visioneering and the rest of the project team, and Kraftwerk Living Technologies provided their 4D SFX Motion seats with an 98 audience capacity, programmed to move with pitch, roll, heave and sway to the films. The whole theatrical experience was enhanced with other special effects such as wind and scent, fog and mist to bring the journey to live, accompanied with a multi-channel spatial surround sound system and lighting. Extensive testing was necessary to make best use of the motion available from the seats and the several effects and to match them exactly to the content, thus creating an unforgettable multi-sense experience.
Projection on to the dome also needed to be of the highest quality, and utilised a video server delivering 4 channels uncompressed 4K video, blended seamlessly with an camera based auto-alignment system and overall control system.

Kraftwerk Living Technologies delivered technology that provided an experience unlike any other within a quite extraordinary Center and destination. Sadly, Morris Cerullo died in July 2020 but he was able to see his achievement in the theater and on his very first experience, it brought tears to his eyes.

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