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2020 | Gänserndorf (AT)OMV Innovation & Technology Center

The ITC in Gänserndorf, Austria, is a spectacular corporate brand land and interactive visitor experience focused on the latest technologies available, making OMV’s state-of-the-art operations accessible to employees, current and future partners and stakeholders in an innovative way since its opening in September 2020.

It all began in 2017 when Kraftwerk Living Technologies was approached with the idea of a new center planned by the Austrian based international oil and gas company OMV, who wanted to showcase their strengths in innovation and technological development through a well-equipped visitor center. Together with Tamschick Media & Space, KLT was involved in an intense conceptual design phase. With the creative concept locked down, two large scale mockups were required to test ideas as well as the integration of the technology, and then Kraftwerk Living Technologies realized the technical vision of the project by installing and programming all technical components, including various displays, complex projection, building-wide audio system as well as exhibit lighting for the 1,600 sqm exhibition.

The Innovation & Technology Center pushed several technical boundaries. Most of the solutions had bespoke elements, or at least needed to be integrated into a bespoke exhibition element. The architecture also presented its own challenges, with the main visitor journey taking place over a series of ascending ramps, meaning that everything had to be built according to a slope. Even the building itself has a torsional rotation.

Technical Highlights:

  • 9 m high architectural cylinder, accommodating the main show with a cylindrical 360° projection
  • Pixel-controlled LED lighting on the outside of the main show
  • Video mapping projection on a relief wall
  • A transparent display integrated into an exhibition element
  • Augmented Reality binoculars
  • Several boardrooms equipped with video monitors that can be lowered into the table and an LED display wall in the event room
  • Lighting on the facade

For Gavin Olivier, Key Account Museums & Exhibitions at KLT,
the project was truly a special one:

“It’s not every day that a person is privileged to see a project literally start as a sketch on a piece of paper and develop all the way through to a fully functioning entity. With OMV, we were fortunate to see the paper sketch grow to a concept design, and architectural plan, a stage by stage exhibition development and then the joy of seeing it become a real product. Personally, I have to say that the Main Show cylinder, with its jaw-dropping content on the inside and the pixel accurate light rings on the exterior steals the show for me every single time.”

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